The 200 series phones, like the 100 series, are housed in a highly durable IP67 rated cast alloy housing but without the door. The face plate is secured using high quality stainless steel tamper proof screws to ensure maximum vandal resistance.

This model is most commonly supplied in the loud-speaking version but can be supplied with handset if required. The loud-speaking version delivers comfortable two way communication in windy and general noisy conditions.

Call initiation is via pre-programmed auto dial to one, two, or three destination numbers.

These phones are available in analogue, SIP, or 3G connection.

Analogue Models

  • TT-201-011     Loudspeaking, Single button.
  • TT-201-021    Loudspeaking, Two button.
  • TT-201-031    Loudspeaking, Three button.

SIP Models

  • TT-201-012     Loudspeaking, Single button.
  • TT-201-022   Loudspeaking, Two button.
  • TT-201-032    Loudspeaking, Three button.

3G Models

  • TT-201-013     Loudspeaking, Single button.
  • TT-201-023   Loudspeaking, Two button.
  • TT-201-033   Loudspeaking, Three button.